Dan The Wiser


Named after our legendary brewmaster, Dan The Wiser ale has mild fruit-like notes & is an all-around great beer to be enjoyed just about anytime, anywhere. Dan likes to pour himself one after a dusty ride on his iron steed.

Food Pairing

A Kolsch style like our Dan the Wiser pairs well with with more delicate foods. Being lighter in color, taste, IBU, and ABV, a kolsch is also a great brunch beer.

- Salads with sharp vinaigrettes

- Sharp cheeses like aged cheddar

- Shrimp, lobster, and calamari

- Omelettes

- Crab and light fish dishes

- Smoked salmon





The Legend

In 1958 a beer-drinking, Harley-riding, ponytail-wearing, hard-working, hops-loving bearded baby boy named Dan was born. He is more than a friend; he is our brother in arms. He’s a legend around our parts, so you’ll understand why we just had to name a beer after him. He is better than a myth, more than a brewmaster. He is “Dan the Wiser.”