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Farm Crafted beer made in the midwest!

Kinkaider Brewing Company is a community farm craft brewery in Broken Bow, Nebraska. Kinkaider: a settler on free land in Nebraska under terms of the Kinkaid Act in 1904, which allowed each bona fide settler 640 acres upon payment of a filing fee of 14 dollars. We are proud to be the area's brewery like so many breweries were before prohibition.

This is the community's brewery and a place to gather with friends, enjoy some world-class beer and good times. We create beers that will be sure to please any beer drinker out there and hopefully convert some non-beer drinkers.

With over 30 years of combined home-brewing experience between our head brewer Dan Hodges and assistant Nate Bell, the beers are assured of the utmost quality and consistency. Add in the business and marketing expertise of Barry Fox and Cody Schmick, and you will not be disappointed.

Meet The Family

Dan The Wiser

Dan The Wiser

Dan grew up with a wrench in his hands & work ethic that is unmatched. Dan owned & operated Hodges Conoco in Thedford, NE for the majority of his life until he sold the business in 2013. He then bought himself a much deserved Harley Davidson & toured the country with his wife Alice visiting breweries all over the continental United States. Dan has been an avid home brewer for the past 15 years & is crafting exceptional beers in the Kinkaider brew house. Dan the legend, Dan the brewer, Dan the Wiser!!

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Distribution & head beer taster
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Nate Bell

Procurement & beer guru
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CoDy Schmick

Taprooms & marketing
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