Hiram's Bones

A rich, smooth porter with hints of roastiness and chocolate adding to its balanced complexity. The perfect beer to enjoy around the campfire on the open prairie.
Malt: Maris Otter, Brown, C75, Chocolate, Carapils

Hops: Fuggle

Kinkaider Legend

On the losing end of a skirmish with the Blackfoot Indians, Scott drug his body for miles. But the next season when the snow melted and the passage through the wildcat hills was safe for travel, a pile of bones was found at the base of the bluff- Scott's Bluff

ABV 4.5%

IBU 23

Food Pairing

A porter like our Hiram's Bones pairs best with heavy foods. Darker beers like porters are more often enjoyed in the winter, and go well with other winter favorites.

- Rich Stews

- Chili

- Rabbit, venison, and gamier meats

- Chocolate desserts

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