Grapefruit Radler

An easy drinking wheat blended with freshly brewed grapefruit soda makes for a crushable beer after a day of biking.

Kinkaider Legend

If a Pink Gorilla had just finished a 10 mile bike ride out to a berry farm and hung out with all of his best friends and family while listening to killer live music and playing all sorts of yard games he would want to do it with this beer in his hand!! Kinkaider Brewing Co.'s Grapefruit Radler is the first choice of Pink Gorillas everywhere!!

ABV 3.5%

IBU 12

Food Pairing

A light and sweet beer like our Grapefruit Radler is perfect to enjoy in the heat of summer outside. Pair this sweetness with your favorite salty snacks or savory meats.

- Cured meats and holiday hams

- Turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce

- Pretzels and cheese

- Potato chips

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