Devils Gap Tropicale

Gap has been spending a lot of time close to the equator this winter and has taken an affinity for all flavors tropical! Pineapple and guava stood out as the front-runners to mix with our jalapeño ale to create Devil’s Gap TropicAle.

Kinkaider Legend

In the year 1878, Cattle Kingpin Print Olive and his posse made their way from Texas into the Sandhills. The Olive Gang ran folks off their farms far and wide.  Two brave unfortunate souls stood up to the outlaw and were set ablaze in what folks now call Devil’s Gap. A short time later, the kingpin came up to a gun quicker than his and died in a blaze as well—A blaze of gunfire.


IBU 17

Food Pairing

Let a special and unique beer like our Devil's Gap Jalapeño Ale be the star of the show at a cookout or tailgate. According to chef Michael Symon, "With a hamburger, this is about as perfect a beer as I can think of."

- Burgers and hot dogs

- Balance the heat with a creamy soup

- Add it to your favorite chili recipe

- Marinate chicken/pork in it

- Make a killer beer cheese soup

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