Devil's Gap Raspberry

Devil's Gap Jalapeño Ale with Raspberries added. Slightly spicy and sweet.

Kinkaider Legend

In the year 1878, Cattle Kingpin Print Olive and his posse made their way fromTexas into the Sandhills. The Olive Gang ran folks off their farms far and wide. Two brave unfortunate souls stood up to the outlaw and were set ablaze in what folks now call Devil’s Gap. A short time later, the kingpin came up to a gun quicker than his and died in a blaze as well—A blaze of gunfire.

ABV 5.0%


Food Pairing

Let a unique beer like our Devil's Gap Raspberry Jalapeño Ale be the star of your meal. The sweet and spicy flavors of this beer will shine with your summer cookout and tailgate favorites.

- Burgers and hot dogs

- Nachos

- Spinach artichoke dip

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