Devils gap in 12pk cans

Devils Gap Jalapeño Ale has been an interesting beer from the start. Dan knew this was a beer that he wanted in the mix early on. Maybe the first beer he was 100% sure on producing and shipping across the state. It has been a massive success for us and has consistently stayed our top selling beer through the past 5 years. This beer is such an anomaly to me because 99.9% of pepper beers kinda suck :/ They are either scorchers and you can't drink them because they are to hot or the flavor is just gross. I along with most would have never thought a pepper beer could be enjoyable, but Danny did it. This beer is just good. We have had a lot of mixed reactions over the years, but most are surprise and delight. Devils Gap will continue to be sold in 6pk glass bottles, but we have dived into the can world and we have decided to throw another package out to the masses with a 12pk can. Why a 12pk? 1. So it doesn't cannibalize the 6pk bottle package. 2. This beer seems to make it's way to tailgates, picnics and hunting trips and cans are a better vessel for some of these activities. 3. Devils Gap in a can is just really cool. I can't wait until your get your hands on some!