Frame The Butcher IPA

The Kinkaider well pulls up glorious Nebraska Sandhills water.  We merge that with the perfect blend of hops to give Frame the Butcher IPA a fresh aroma and a bright taste.

Malt: 2-Row, Munich, C40
Hops: Chinook, Cascade, Palisade, Centennial

Kinkaider Legend

Solomon Butcher failed as a farmer, a salesman, a teacher, and a postmaster. When he finally found his calling, taking photos of more than one thousand sod houses across Nebraska, some called him a fool. Nowadays he is called “photographer of the plains” and in Custer County, a framed butcher is never more than a stone’s throw away

ABV 6.3%
IBU 65

Food Pairing

West Coast Style IPAs such as our Frame the Butcher IPA are great for pairing with your typical bar foods. Simple foods help the hops of an IPA really shine.

- BBQ ribs

- French fries

- Mozzarella sticks

- Steak

- Fajitas

Available in:

On Tap . 6-Pack Bottles . 6-Pack Can (Coming Soon)