Devil's Gap Can

Our award winning jalapeno ale gives you an intense jalapeno flavor with a slightly heated finish and aroma.  The perfection in this beer will please both heat seekers and flavor chasers.  The beer that truly has something for everyone to enjoy.

Malt: 2-Row, Rye, C20, C60
Hops: Saaz

Kinkaider Legend

In 1878, cattle kingpin Print Olive and his posse made their way from Texas to the Sandhills. The Olive Gang ran folks off farms far and wide. Two brave but unfortunate souls stood up to the outlaw and were set ablaze in a place folks now call “Devil’s Gap.” Soon after, Olive met a quicker hand and died in a blaze… of gunfire.

ABV 4.7%
IBU 10

Food Pairing

Let a special and unique beer like our Devil's Gap Jalapeño Ale be the star of the show at a cookout or tailgate. According to chef Michael Symon, "With a hamburger, this is about as perfect a beer as I can think of."

- Burgers and hot dogs

- Balance the heat with a creamy soup

- Add it to your favorite chili recipe

- Marinate chicken/pork in it

- Make a killer beer cheese soup

Available in:

On Tap . 6-Pack Bottles . 12-Pack Cans